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The idea began when we saw that many students were lost in their search for a university in Turkey. We decided to help them by providing them with all the information they need to choose the best university for them.

Tiqah Fondation

Mission of
Tiqah Fondation

Build a trust bridge with our StudentsEvery single Student can one day have his Own Success Story. Lets make it together !
The secret of success is that there is no secret, all we have to do is take decisions and risks, and keep trying again and again until we gain.
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Free Consultation

We Never Get Paid
From Students

Free access to platform

Students through this platform will be independent and be able to do all the services by themselves.

Free consultation

Students benefit from a call with a student consultant in order to choose the right study choice.

Free registration

Students can register for free in a university of their choice after benefiting from the free consultation.

Finding a student job for free

Students can benefit from a free student job with Tiqah Fondation by working as Agents in student services.

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